Who Discovered Diabetes

Who Discovered Diabetes

Who discovered diabetes was attributed to an Indian physician known as Sushzuta who was researching blood sugar and urine.It is always interesting to learn how various diseases were discovered and by whom. So it is only natural that people who are diabetic and are trying to learn all they can about the disease would be interested in knowing who discovered this disease.

While no one can know with absolute certainty when this disease was first noted the first recorded mention of diabetes appears in in the 6th century B.C. and so it's discovery is attributed to an Indian physician known as Sushzuta who noticed the sweet taste of urine in some of his patients and attributed it to a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight.

Who Discovered Diabetes:

After this time there are various other references to this disease from various parts of the world but, it wasn't until the first century that the Greek Physician actually gave diabetes the name it bears today and even longer before physicians understood the connection between the disease itself and insulin.

Like so many other breakthroughs in medicine the link tying the body's manufacturing of insulin to the disease was discovered almost by accident in the late 1800s when doctors noticed that dogs who had their pancreas removed would become diabetic. It was not long until the connection was made and in 1921 the first manufacturing of insulin for the treatment of this condition in humans began.

Of course it was much later that the medical community began to realize that they could predict those patients whose blood glucose levels were rising and that changes in diet and exercise could prevent some people from becoming a full blown diabetic. As of now there is no cure for this condition and more research still needs to be done. But, science has come a long way in helping people control this condition and slow and even prevent further damage in type 2 diabetics if they can get their sugar levels under control and lose weight, increase exercise, and eliminate the problem that caused the diabetes in the first place. Some diabetics have even been able to go off medication.

Who Discovered Diabetes:

If you are a type 2 diabetic, not taking insulin and your condition is not due to heredity, increasing your exercise following a healthy diet designed for your condition is worth the effort as you may be able to slow or even stop the progression of the disease at least for a major amount of time.

Unfortunately for type 1 diabetics once the pancreas quits making beta cells you will be on medication for life. That does not mean that you can't slow the progression of the disease by diet and exercise but, it does mean that medication and hyper vigilance to your condition will always be a major concern.

Learning all you can about this condition, and how it is treated and what you can do to be proactive regarding your own health can guarantee you an active and healthy lifestyle for many years to come.


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