What Is Stress

Understand The Warning Signs

What Is Stress

What is stress can be answered and defined as a rush or a surge

of nervous, anxious feelings sometimes also called anxiety.

These feelings are generally associated with our human emotion

of fear.


Fear of failure.

Fear of losing something or someone.

Fear of inadequacy.

Fear of conflict in a relationship.

Fear of being required to do something.

Fear of having to say something.

Fear of having to go somewhere.

Fear of flying, etc., etc.

Stress and the emotion of fear are interconnected by our

thinking or thought process as we face the challenges and

problems in our daily lives.

What we think about and how that we construct our thoughts

reveals our feelings and emotional responses to our problems.

Some levels of stress are just as natural and normal as are some

levels of fear associated with the problems in our lives.

We all must face problems and deal with various challenges that

are part of human life on planet earth.

However, the compelling issue,

what is too much stress?

Well, obviously we are all different and therefore people have

different tolerance levels to the amount of stress that they can

manage without getting stressed out.

Too much stress will likely make you ill.

Stress is associated with high blood pressure,

heart attacks,



panic attacks

anxiety attack symptoms

depression and many other forms of illness.

Too much stress may cause some individuals to seek medication

which then can lead to dependency or addictions to drugs.

stress can manifest itself into high levels of


short tempers,

and may produce conflicts or arguments with others.

Difficulty with sleeping and bad eating habits are often

associated with the symptoms of stress.

The good news

is that with a committed effort

you can heal your

"too much stress"!

What Is Stress


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