Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Easy diet and weight loss tips for fun and tasty quick weight loss plans.

Here is a fun and tasty way to pick and choose delicious foods

and to customize your own diet!

In addition to a regular exercise program here are diet tips

that will produce immediate results.

Replace your regular drinks that contain sugar with water.

Many health experts recommend that about two thirds of your fat

intake should contain polyunsaturated fats.

Check with your doctor first and go over these recommendations

especially if you take any prescribed medicines.

Polyunsaturated fats are found in:

Fish - Baked or broiled




Cotton seed oil

Safflower oil

Corn oil

Soybean oil

Unsaturated Fats


Olives and olive oil


Peanuts and peanut butter

About one third of your diet should include saturated fats

because your body needs a modest amount.







Vegetable shortening





Egg yolks

Use your polyunsaturated oils to cook with the above.

In other words use soybean or safflower polyunsaturated oils to

cook your chicken, beef, shellfish etc.

Just remember to keep the saturated fats limited to one third of

your total diet.

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This site contains over 100 sugar free low fat recipes

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