Vegetable Nutrition Facts

Vegitable Nutrition Facts

Delicious meals with the listed calories in food for low fat recipes.

Vegetable nutrition facts:

The following is a list of foods with their caloric content so

that you can pick and chose salads and/or complete meals in

order to maintain a 1200 calorie diet.

3 oz of skinless chicken or turkey breast grilled, baked or

smoked has about 140 calories. The same holds true for fish.

Avoid fried anything.

The above chicken contains about 3 grams of fat while the turkey

and fish only contain 1 gram of fat.

vegetable nutrition facts

1 cup raw or steamed vegetables listed below prepared without

butter or sauce usually contain no fat.

Calories in Food

Asparagus 40 calories

Green Beans 40 calories

Bean Sprouts 30 calories

Beets 35 calories

Broccoli 30 calories

Cabbage 15 calories

Carrots 50 calories

Cauliflower 25 calories

Celery 15 calories

Cucumber 20 calories

Radish 18 calories

Tomato 35 calories

Eggplant 20 calories

Lettuce 20 calories

Okra 40 calories

Onion 70 calories

Bell Pepper 40 calories

There are of course many other veggie choices but this list

contains most of the lower calorie choices.

Low fat recipes are virtually endless in variety and taste and

you can pick and choose to have almost an unlimited menu while

still reducing your calories and fat intake.

Your body does need a small amount of fat but it should be

unsaturated fats which are the good fats.

However with a healthy diet you will usually automatically get

the small amount of fats that your body requires.

You can include potatoes in your diet as long as you do not add

the toppings, gravies or sauces that are usually high in both

calories and fat.

more vegetable nutrition facts:

A handful of nuts is a good snack that contain good fats.

Raw almonds or walnuts are particularly good but remember that

nuts are also high in calories so only a handful per day.

For example 1 oz of raw almonds contain 110 calories and 7 grams

of fat.

It is also important to splurge and treat yourself once in a

while with a broiled or grilled 4 oz lean steak such as a T-bone

which contains about 265 calories and 12 grams fat.

You could pair the steak with one or two of the veggies from our

list and still only add about 100 calories and no fats.

However, always remember that everything you add to a veggie

also increases the caloric content and that is a vegetable fact

Or you could substitute your favorite tossed salad for one of

the veggies as long as you recognize that the dressing you

choose will probably be higher in calories than the actual


Drink lots of water or green tea with your meals.

Also drink lots of water between your meals.

And most important, your body needs the proper amount of

exercise to burn off the calories that you do consume and to

stay healthy.

No diet will remain effective unless your body gets the proper

amount of exercise.

This site contains important information on vegetable nutrition

facts to help you get healthier both mentally and physically.

Don't get caught up in the hype about lot fat versus low carb


As long as you keep your daily calorie intake to about 1200

calories and maintain a good exercise program you can lose

weight and most of all get healthier while looking and feeling

good about yourself.

Always check with your doctor before starting any new diet or

exercise plan.


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