To maintain a good relationship

by Greg

To maintain a good relationship we should be mature in thought and action. A matured minded persons relations with others won’t break easily.Because he knows all persons behavior will be also in the basis of emotions. Then he can understand everybody. The problems in relationship arise when misunderstanding happens.So the best relationship maintaining tip is to understand others with their emotion. When we maintain a good relationship there will not arise an argument. Because two different opinions of between two may lead to disputes. When a person handle it with a different manner he can take it as friendly discussion. Then other can feel a intimacy. Arguments become friendly discussions for that each will be a good and patient listener. For keep interest in common goals we should be patient. Sometimes common goals not favor to particular persons. When personal interest and common goals come in competition we should give important to common goals. Because each persons have their own interests but when we work for a common goals all ego will be dissolved. In all relationship respect and affection plays important role. When we respect others it will get back and it leads the relationship for long. When we handle all matters with respect others also will approve us. Affection also has an important role in relationship. In official relationship respect is more important than affection.On the other hand in our individual relations respect and Affection are equal important.

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