Tips For Stress Management Techniques

by Niki

Tips for stress management techniques and the causes of high blood pressure and a high blood pressure diet.
In our society stress has become one of our most compelling issues. According to the American Heart Association, stress is associated with both heart attach and stroke. Heart disease is now the number one disease killer and stroke is number three. Stress is often associated with over weight issues, high blood pressure and poor diet. If you are constantly under a lot of stress then your health and possibly your life is at risk. Improving your health, both mentally and physically, is perhaps one of the best stress management techniques.
The causes of high blood pressure are commonly associated with a poor diet filled with too much salt and too much bad cholesterol. These issues can make you feel bad, look worse and may even contribute negatively to your stress levels.
High Blood Pressure Diet.
The good news is that with a little effort and planning, almost anyone can get on a delicious diet that will lower blood pressure. The first and easiest thing is to lower your salt intake. Next reduce your high cholesterol foods. The body needs a modest amount of both salt and good cholesterol but usually not in the amounts consumed. Become aware of just how much of each you are putting in your body by reading the labels on the foods you eat. Check with your doctor before beginning any new diet program. You do not need to check with a doctor to know that fried, greasy or processed foods are unhealthy for everyone.
Begin eating green salads, fresh veggies and fruits. Limit your meats to only those broiled, baked, grilled or smoked. Avoid anything fried. Processed foods that are canned are often loaded with salt as a means of preservation. Drink a lot of water or green tea with honey as a sweetener. Drink a lot of water throughout the day to flush your kidneys. Now, while exercise is highly recommended and has great beneficial effects to everyone, those with high blood pressure must check with their doctor to get the correct estimate of daily exercise. If you are either grossly over weight or have high blood pressure it is not wise to begin a strenuous exercise program designed for those who do not have those existing problems. A doctor's advice is essential. It will probably be that you start with moderate exercise and slowly increase as you get your weight and blood pressure under control. Failure to get the proper amount of exercise and a diet loaded with salt and bad cholesterol can be a fatal combination.
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Stress Reduction Techniques

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