Sweet Green Tomato Relish Low Fat Low Sugar Recipe

by Mark

There is almost nothing worse than working hard on your vegetable garden all summer and then as fall approaches you get a frost warning with loads of large tomatoes still on the vine waiting to ripen. No one wants to see all those lovely tomatoes go to waste and you certainly don't have to. Remember the old saying about "When life gives you lemons make lemonade?" Well here is a new saying for all you gardeners out there. "When life gives you dozens of green tomatoes make relish."

Here is a great recipe to spice up your food with low calories low fat and low sugar.

That's right turning those dozens and perhaps bushels of unripened tomatoes into a tasty condiment that you and your family can enjoy is actually quite simple and easy. In addition, this tasty little condiment can be given as gifts for at house warming and holidays. The following sweet green tomato relish recipe is easy to follow and you will feel a real sense of satisfaction when you see those nice neat home canned jars sitting on your shelf or that delicious condiment sitting on your table. Here is the deal for low calories in food with low fat low sugar.

Sweet green tomato Relish


2 dozen large tomatoes cored (if not all your tomatoes are large try about 34 or 35 medium size ones)

3 red bell peppers seeded and cut into large strips

3 yellow bell peppers seeded and cut into large strips

4 medium sized onions

4 Tablespoons pickling salt

3 Tablespoons celery seed

3 Tablespoons mustard seed

3 Cups white vinegar

3 cups Splenda


Begin by chopping, or using a food processor to finely dice all the vegetables. Place diced vegetables into a large bowl and add pickling salt stirring to make sure all the vegetables are coated. Cover and let stand for 3 hours and then drain off all excessive fluid.

In a sauce pan boil the sugar, seeds, and vinegar for about 5 minutes. Reduce heat to simmer, add vegetables and cook for an additional 12 to 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

Seal in hot, sterile pint jars and then place in a boiling water bath for ten minutes.

This relish can be used on Hot dogs and hamburgers in place of pickle relish, served with fish and other seafood. It goes great with catfish. It also tastes great with ham, sausage and pork roast. It can also be added to chicken, ham or egg salad to give your sandwiches a whole new flavor.


Some recipes call for green rather than yellow peppers so use which ever ones you prefer.

The real great thing about this condiment besides the fact that you can use more of your garden produce is that it is fat free, tastes great and can be used to give several different meat and fish dinners a different taste without needing to add fatty sauces and gravies.

For more canning recipes get a good canning book or check the internet. It is amazing what you can do with that garden produce.

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