Sugar Free Strawberry

 Sugar Free Strawberry

Unusually unique and delicious sugar free strawberry recipe with chicken,rice and fruit.Most people think that strawberries should only be eaten in fruit salads and desserts but, using strawberries as an ingredient in a main dish can add color, texture, and taste to that meat course.

Best of All when you use strawberries as part of the main dish they are naturally sugar free giving you the benefits of those wonderful vitamins and minerals with worrying about the all that excess sugar. Strawberry chicken with rice is one strawberry recipe you will enjoy and want to make again and again.

Sugar Free Strawberry Chicken With Rice


2 whole chicken breasts deboned, skinned and sliced into strips

2 cups instant rice

½ teaspoon ginger

3 Tablespoons sugar free strawberry jam

1 Tablespoon water

1 to 2 teaspoons olive oil

1 cup sliced strawberries cleaned and slice and left at room temperature

Sugar Free Strawberry Recipe:


Heat oil in medium large sauce pan salt and pepper chicken strips to taste and put into pan and saute until tender and cooked through. Remove chicken from sauce pan and add ginger, strawberry jam and water mix together and cook on low to medium heat for about 5 minutes giving the ingredients a chance to cook together. Return chicken to pan, turn pan onto low heat and cover while rice is being made.

In a sauce pan cook instant rice as per package directions. Divide rice evenly onto 4 dinner plates. Place chicken strips on top of rice and spoon sauce over the top of chicken. Decorate with sliced strawberries and serve.

Serves 4


For those who prefer to use long cooking rice start the rice while the chicken is cooking that way you won't have to worry about the chicken overcooking or getting cold while you prepare the rice. This meal goes great with a side dish of snow pod peas and the green adds even more color to this dish making it look truly festive.

This chicken dish makes an elegant dinner to serve to guests or for that special family occasion. It takes only about ½ an hour to prepare and tastes great. The strawberry sauce used in this recipe also goes well with shrimp or pork.

Adding fruit to the main entree makes for not only a beautiful dish but, is one way to get the kids to eat more fruit which is good for them. There are a variety of other entree recipes you strawberries as well such as strawberry pineapple chicken and strawberry glazed ham.

Experimenting use fruit in main dishes and side dishes can result in some surprising dishes that have added vitamins and minerals. You can also use strawberries and other fruits with those salad greens as well and a strawberry vinaigrette dressing is the perfect topping for that salad.


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