Sugar Free Pecan Smoothie

Sugar Free Pecan Smoothie

Healthy and delicious sugar free pecan smoothie low fat recipe with banana and cranberry. These days, a lot of people are more health conscious. Some of that has to do with the fact that the medical research has gotten more extensive, and some of that information has obviously filtered through to the people.

Another part of that is that more and more people are also getting more health conscious because they are also getting older, and they want to live longer. As such, people are expecting that even when they drink something that has been traditionally associated with unhealthiness, like a smoothie, they are still getting something that is not as unhealthy as it could be.

Take the sugar free pecan smoothie, for instance. This kind of smoothie is one that everyone can enjoy because it is essentially guilt-free on account of the fact that it contains absolutely no sugar. People have been conditioned to believe that in order for something to still taste good and be appealing to drink, it has to have a lot of sugar. Well, a drink can have a good amount of flavor even without the inclusion of any sugar at all, and this is possible due to things such as sugar substitutes, just to name one possibility.

There are many benefits to making drinks with only low-fat sugar ingredients. For instance, you do not have to worry about getting fatter, for one thing. Another thing is that you do not have to worry about getting illnesses that stem from drinking smoothies that contain an inordinate amount of sugar.

Sugar Free Pecan Smoothie Low Fat Recipe:

Here are a couple of smoothie recipes that incorporate pecans in a healthy, and free-of-sugar manner.

Banana and Cranberry Pecan Smoothie

1 cup of milk

0.5 cups of pecans

1 banana

1 cup of fresh, whole cranberries

Raw, organic honey to taste

With this super-easy sugar free pecan smoothie, it is required that you simply blend all of the above ingredients together in a blender until they all reach the typical smoothie consistency. The typical smoothie consistency is generally frothy, bubbly and thick. The raw, organic honey can be added as much or as little as the person desires.

Sugar Free Pecan Smoothie Low Fat Recipe:

Pecan-Banana Smoothie

1 medium banana

3 whole pecans

0.5 cups of soymilk

2 tablespoons of Splenda

For this sugar free pecan smoothie, all the person has to do is combine the ingredients inside of a blender until all of the ingredients reach the typical smoothie consistency. The typical smoothie consistency is generally a consistency that is characterized by thickness, bubbliness and frothiness. Note how the sugar substitute called Splenda has been added in the ingredient list in order to give this smoothie its necessary sweetness, without any ill effects from too much sugar.

As you can see, the above recipes for these smoothies are extremely easy to complete, and they also use ingredients that are very easy to buy at basically every, single grocery store around. Note also that in place of sugar, the above recipes used all-natural sweetening agents such as the raw, organic honey and the artificial sweetener of Splenda.


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