Sugar Free Lime Pudding

Sugar Free Lime Pudding

Wonderful and sugar free lime pudding dessert recipe with refreshing lime and strawberries.Cool and refreshing Lime Pudding is the perfect end to a light luncheon or makes a great afternoon snack. The citrus taste is not too sweet or cloying and the light texture leaves you feeling refreshed rather than full.

Best of all this pudding can be enjoyed by itself, made into a parfait, or as a pie filling. It's perfect for those church suppers or potlucks and provides a nice break from traditional desserts. Best of all this pudding has no sugar so it can be enjoyed by those watching their sugar and their weight and it is extremely easy to make.

No Sugar Key Lime Pudding

Needing only four simple ingredients this recipe is easy enough for beginner cooks but, tastes good enough that even the most seasoned cook may want to add it to their no sugar recipes.

Sugar Free Lime Pudding:


1-0.3 ounce package of Sugar Free lime jello

¼ cup boiling water

16 ounces of Sugar Free key lime yogurt

8 ounces low fat, Sugar Free cool whip

8 to 10 vanilla wafers (No sugar)

Sugar Free Lime Pudding:


Pour boiling water into heat resistant bowl, add jello and stir until completely dissolved, mix in yogurt and then fold into cool whip, Pour into four dessert dishes and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

Just before you serve crush vanilla wafers and sprinkle on top of pudding.

Serves 4

For larger families or for those potluck dinners simply double or triple the recipe and serve in a large bowl with cookies served on the side.

This simple recipe can be made up ahead leaving you more time for dinner preparations. It makes a great addition to a Christmas party or St. Patrick's day dinner as the green color is in keeping with these holidays and adds an extra touch to the festivities. But, it can certainly be enjoyed at anytime of the year.

You can also make a strawberry version of this pudding and make a parfait by layering the lime and strawberry for a cheery holiday look that kids love and adults enjoy. Top with a dollop of cool whip and a fresh strawberry for a more refined and elegant dessert when having guests.

About Jello Recipes

Jello can be used in a number of recipes from salads to desserts and there are a number of cookbooks dedicated to the use of jello in a myriad of different ways. These recipes run from quick and simple to quite involved but, can add a bit of fun and interest to meal planning and preparation.

Jello is naturally low in fat which makes it the perfect addition to almost any type of diet or meal. Kids love it both as a simple cool snack and when used in various recipes. So, If your family enjoys this key lime pie you might want to try other recipes that use jello as well.


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