Sugar Free Cherry Treat

Sugar Free Cherry Treat

Yummy sugar free cherry treat with low fat ingredients for tasty little pies.The hunt for something delicious, filling and amazing to eat is an-going one, and so I thought I would share with you a rather nice Sugar Free Cherry Treat Cheese Pie Recipe that you can enjoy and share with your family over the coming period.

The good thing is that these pies(this makes 8 small ones) is very easy to make and because it is low in sugar, you don’t have to feel any guilt when you eat it!

Sugar Free Cherry Treat with low fat ingredients:

Here is what you need to make this happen:

A large cup of boiling water

1 and a half packets of gelatin that has NOT been flavored

4 tablespoons of Fresh Ricotta Cheese

¾ of a cup of a sweetener of your choice (there are various brands, so just choose your favorite)

Three Tablespoons of a Sugarless Syrup with a Cherry Flavor

Three Tablespoons of a Sugarless Syrup with a Vanilla Flavor16 ounces of Cream Cheese (Fat Free if possible)

Sugar Free Cherry Treat with low fat ingredients:

Those are the basic ingredients necessary to make these Sugar Free Cherry Treat Cheese Pies.

Here then is what you need to do with all of those different ingredients to make the magic happen!

1/ Take the cream cheese and add it to the Ricotta Cheese. Stir the two ingredients together in a big bowl until they are nice and smooth and well integrated, ensuring that there are no lumps in the mixture and that everything is well mixed together.

2/ Get your electric mixer (or hand whisk if you have extremely strong arm muscles!) And then whisk the mixture for a further 30 seconds until it has been given extra air, and a light and fluffy texture.

3/ Take a separate bowl and in it place the two types of syrup, the sweetener that you have chosen and the gelatin.

4/ In order to properly use the gelatin you need to melt it, and so you need to add on the large cup of boiling water on to it in order to melt the gelatin properly. This is actually a fairly quick process and shouldn’t take longer than about five to ten minutes to accomplish.

5/ Stir together those ingredients in the separate bowl once the gelatin has melted so that they form a nice consistency.

6/ It is now time to take the two bowls contents and mix them together! So take the smaller of the two bowls and pour it in to the larger one, making sure that none of the mixture rolls over the top.

7/ Give the mixture a final mix for 30 seconds (preferably with an electric mix) to make sure that it is smooth, creamy and contains lots of air and then set the mixture to one side.

8/ Take out eight muffin tins that can hold the mixture and then spoon the mixture into it carefully and then you need to place all of the muffin tins into the fridge to set for a minimum of two hours until they are firm, and then leave them overnight in the fridge, but first cover them over the top with a cloth.

In the morning your Sugar Free Cherry Treat Cheese Pies will be ready to eat!


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