Sugar Free Cherry Dessert

Sugar Free Cherry Dessert

Incredible sugar free cherry dessert recipe with low fat pastry ingredients and delightful pie.If you are looking for a Sugar Free Cherry Dessert, then here is a delicious recipe to get your mouth watering:

1/ Start off by heating the oven to a temperature of 410 Degrees Fahrenheit. It needs to be hot in order to melt the cherries to that lovely consistency that we know you will love, and give that sticky, gooey feeling to the dessert.

2/ Get a small bowl and put together an egg and a little water (no more than a tablespoon) and stir together with a fork so that you get an egg glaze.

3/ You need to now sort through your cupboards and find an 8 – 10 inch clear glass pie dish that can hold our delicious treat. Coat the bottom of the pie dish with a nice even piece of pastry to form a base, and wrap the pastry around the sides of the dish to form a seal.

4/ You should then brush over the bottom of the pastry base with the egg glaze that you prepared earlier, taking care not to make the pastry too soggy, but do make sure that it is covered over properly so that it ends up with a nice burnished brown look to the pastry when it has been properly cooked.

5/ You need to make the top lattice work for the Sugar Free Cherry Dessert by taking another square of pastry and cutting it into strips of approximately 1 cm wide and long enough to cover the top of the dish that you have chosen.

6/ Place the lattice work strips in to the fridge to keep them cool and dry whilst you are working on the filling for this recipe.

7/ You now need to make the filling for the pie.

You will need:

5 large cups of pitted cherries

2 Tablespoons of very light all-purpose flour

1 and Half Teaspoons of Lemon Juice

A pinch of salt

Half a teaspoon of almond extract

4 Tablespoons of butter that has been creamed together

A cup of a sugar free substitute

Sugar Free Cherry Dessert recipe with low fat ingredients

Stir all of these together in a large bowl thoroughly, and then let the mixture rest for a minimum of ten minutes to allow all of the flavors to marinade together.

You will notice that the mixture smells delicious, which is as it should be.

8/ You can then bake the pastry base for a few minutes to firm it up a little, or you can directly fork the mixture onto the base directly. The choice is yours, and really depends on how crispy you like your pastry to be and how much time you have available to prepare the pie.

9/ You can now take the lattice work out of the fridge and apply to the top of the mixture so that you can still see some of the pie below, but it is mostly covered by pastry.

10/ Brush this again with the egg glaze.

11/ Bake for 40 minutes.

And there you have a delicious Sugar Free Cherry Dessert!


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