Sugar Free Blueberry Dessert And Controlling Diabetes

by kodey

Much of the joy of food comes from enjoying foods that are not always good for us! We know that munching on a chocolate bar is probably not the healthiest choice that we could ever make, but we do it anyway, because it tastes good, and makes us feel good immediately.

Food then is not just about nutrition values or the energy it gives us, but about the effect that it has on our minds and the short-term burst of good feelings that we can enjoy when we eat food that absorbs all of our senses.

The only problem is that this can often leave us feeling great whilst we are eating sugary desserts, but absolutely lousy only a short time later as our systems are bombarded by the fats, sugars and other deleterious ingredients that are contained in many of the desserts that we eat.

Here is a little treat for those trying to control diabetes

One answer to this conundrum is to find a way to not only get all those short term food highs, but also enjoy the long term benefits that good nutrition and eating healthy, energy giving foods provides.

The way that I do this is by substituting sugar in many recipes for desserts that I love, with a sugar substitute that doesn’t have all of the calories, but does have that sweet taste that I crave.

One such recipe that I am going to share with you today is my Sugar Free Blueberry Dessert Recipe which combines the natural sweetness of blueberries with more gentle pastry tones, and a crumbly top to form an irresistible treat that I love, and which I am sure you will too.

Even though the blueberries are naturally sweet you do still need some extra artificial sweetener, because the combination of ingredients and the fact that it is baked at high temperatures do tend to otherwise dull that lovely sticky, sweet taste.

The first thing you need to do is to wash about four cups worth of the blueberries in water and set them to one side.

These form the heart of the dessert, but for a Sugar Free Blueberry Dessert to really work you need a lovely light pastry that can add to the textures of the dish.

We then need to make the base which is a combination of the following ingredients:

1 and ¾ cups of the sugar alternative that you have found
4 cups of an all-purpose flour such as you probably already have in your cupboard
The zest of a lemon
1 and a half cups of butter that is unsalted and softened
A pinch of salt
3 whole eggs
A pinch of cinnamon
3 teaspoons of corn starch

Mix these ingredients together with your fingers and feel the texture.

Spoon about ¾ of the mix onto a large, flat baking tray and then spoon over the blueberries evenly.

Sprinkle over the remainder of the mix and bake in the center of the oven at about 300 Fahrenheit for about an hour.

Check until it is golden brown and cooked through and then cut into squares for indulgent, but healthy eating of this Sugar Free Blueberry Dessert!

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