Sugar Free Anxiety Snack

Sugar Free Anxiety Snack

Tasty sugar free anxiety snack low fat low calories to build energy with peanut butter and over 100 sugar free low fat recipes.Having a snack at strategic times throughout the day can help you keep your energy levels up and keep those hunger pangs at bay.

It seems that snacks were designed for those who are on anxiety diets because many of the really great healthy snacks consists of foods that contain vitamin and minerals that are known to calm anxiety and give you the energy you need. Here are some great sugar free anxiety snacks that you can enjoy.

Try A Handful

Almonds, hazel nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, fruits and vegetables all make great anxiety busting snacks. For those quick snacks when you have extremely limited amounts of time, try a handful of nuts or sun flower seeds. These snacks are quick, healthy and can be eaten while on the go.

Another quick snack that is easy to enjoy on the go is a small banana. Choosing a small banana will give you less than 100 calories and fill you up quickly. Oranges too are a quick snack that gives you vitamin C and anxiety busting vitamins.

Sugar Free Anxiety Snack Low Fat Nutrition:

Easy To Make Snacks

For filling and healthy snacks to enjoy at home, try cutting celery sticks into inch long lengths, add a 1/2 teaspoon of low sodium peanut butter to each and sprinkle with wheat germ. This filling low calorie snack will gives you both peanut butter and wheat germ to help ease that anxiety as well as provides an extremely filling snack to get you through until the next time meal time.

You can also get some low sodium low fat turkey thinly sliced from from your local deli. Chop some leafy green vegetables and add some thin strips of carrots and roll these in a slice of turkey and enjoy one of these for a snack when you need an anxiety beneficial protein boost.

Adding blueberries or diced peaches to yogurt and sprinkling them with wheat germ for a more filling snack when your meal may still be hours away.

Sugar Free Anxiety Snack Low Fat Nutrition:

You need to remember that a snack is exactly that. It is a small something, to tide you over, keep your glucose levels even, and help keep those serotonin levels high so that you can feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. Too many times, people look at snacks as a opportunity to eat what they want and kiss their diet, regardless of which kind, goodbye for the day. This is a big mistake because those between meal snacks when used as part of your overall diet will help to increase your health and achieve your goals.

Remember that the calories consumed in your snack will need to be deducted from your normal calorie allotment so choose wisely and picking those snacks that are close to 100 calories will normally see you through to the next meal while helping to keep those anxiety levels low.


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