Stroke, high blood pressure symptoms, heart disease and tips for


Your life style and all the choices you make are essential to a

healthier life.

Consider the following observations in order to give yourself a

chance for better health.

Choose good nutrition.

It is essential to begin a healthy, nutritious, low carbs, low

fat, and low cholesterol diet.

Avoid stress filled activities and people that cause you

emotional conflicts or problems.

Stop smoking or drinking.

Start a regular exercise program with your doctor's approval.

Make it a part of your permanent life style.

Reduce your blood cholesterol otherwise you are begging for

problems that are potentially lethal.

Check out our diet and nutrition tips.

Contrary to popular belief you should eat at least three times a

day with healthy snacks in between.

Waiting to eat until you feel very hungry only causes your brain

to signal your body to store fat.

We list a variety of low carb, low cholesterol, low fat and low

calorie food choices that are very delicious.

Most importantly have some deep and introspective talks with

that person who is the most important and the most needed person

in your life.

Discuss your most cherished values and look deeply for those

things that truly hold the very best things needed for your


This person is the very same face that you see staring back at

you from the mirror.



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