Stroke Symptoms

Stroke Symptoms

Stroke symptoms and understanding the signs of a stroke.

It is imperative to seek immediate help from a qualified doctor

the moment that you suspect there is even a slight chance that

you have had a stroke or have even exhibited signs of a stroke.

The thrust of this text is merely to give a brief explanation of

these symptoms so that you may be a little more informed and to

seek help from a professional health care provider.

Much of our other text is dealing with anxiety or stress and

depression which are also sometimes associated with strokes.

Some of the symptoms of a stroke include the following:

Weakness or numbness, paralysis of the arm, face, or leg

particularly on one side of the body.

Trouble seeing or things look blurry or double vision.

Garbled or slurred speech

Trouble or confusion with understanding events or speech.

Feeling unsteady, trouble walking, becoming clumsy or unsteady.

Experiencing dizziness or headache.

Brain damage can occur almost immediately so it is imperative to

recognize these symptoms in order to seek help from a doctor


The faster you seek help from a doctor, the better your chances

for recovery.


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