All together now! Let's whip stress, anxiety and depression and

adopt a new, healthier life style.

Avoiding or overcoming prolonged bouts of anxiety should include

a close introspective self analysis of one's life style. If you

have adopted a life style that includes reoccurring high anxiety

levels, then now is a good time to re-evaluate. Work and/or

personal relationships that constantly produce conflicts or

arguments need to be avoided or eliminated.

What you think about and the manner in which you self create

your thoughts soon become the essence of your life. Thinking

about stressful situations and conflicts with others also fills

your life and your personality with these same issues. We all

become what we constantly think about. Our thoughts guide our

chosen behavior. If we permit our minds to constantly dwell

upon bad, mad, sad, conflicting issues then soon our entire

lives become just like what we think about.


anxiety produces a surge or a rush of negative emotional drama or

negative excitement. These emotional surges can sometimes

create a form of dependency or bad mental habits that cause an

individual to keep going back for more. Relationships that

involve constant bickering, arguing and emotional conflicts can

sometimes go on and on for years. Both stroke and heart attacks

are often associated with prolonged levels of high anxiety and

high blood pressure. Enduring a terrible relationship for many

years that is filled with anxiety and constant bickering may

very well help create dangerous health problems that could

become lethal.

A healthy diet combined with a regular exercise regiment is

essential for good health. A healthy diet of nutritious foods

is just as important as a healthy mental diet of good, positive

thoughts designed to fuel your mind with inner peace and

harmony. It is unlikely that anyone who is constantly engaged

in bad, mad, sad, conflicting issues that produce high levels of

anxiety or depression will maintain a healthy life. Good

positive thoughts invariably self creates good positive behavior

and good results. The opposite is just as true only in

reverse. Bad, negative, conflicting thoughts invariably self

creates bad behavior and bad results. How could it not do so?

Your thoughts, good or bad, self creates the quality of your

entire life experiences.

Albert Einstein put it like this:

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking"


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