Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Delicious low fat strawberry shortcake dessert recipe with yogurt.

With summertime fast approaching many people find their thoughts turning to warmer weather, getting out of doors more and Strawberry shortcake. Of all the summertime desserts this tasty treat has to be most people's favorite summertime dessert. However, if you are trying to eat healthier and cut back on the amount of fat you eat you may feel that enjoying a piece of shortcake is just not in the cards on your new diet plan.

You couldn't be more wrong. There are a couple of great ways to enjoy that Strawberry shortcake while not filling your body with unhealthy fats.

It is simply a matter of substituting low fat ingredients in your Dessert recipe for those that contain the most fat. Here are a couple of great recipes you can try.

Ice Cream Lovers Strawberry shortcake dessert:

For those who love their shortcake topped with ice cream and think that life just won't be the same without that sweet creamy topping this recipe should leave you smiling.


Jiffy baking mix

2 pints fresh strawberries Can substitute frozen strawberries)

Granulated sugar ( the amount you use will depend on how sweet you want your strawberries)

Low fat frozen yogurt

Directions for Strawberry Shortcake Dessert:

Clean and hull strawberries and cut into slices into a mixing bowl, add sugar, and stir together then place in the refrigerator to allow the berries to juice.

Using the jiffy mix, mix and bake ½ dozen biscuits (you will only be using three biscuits total but, you can bag and save the other three to serve with the next days lunch or dinner.)

After dinner cut each biscuit in half, spoon on strawberries Add a scoop of frozen low fat yogurt and a bit more strawberries on top and serve.

Makes 6 servings

Note: Warming the strawberries in the micro wave before serving makes for a creamier tasting dessert.

Non Ice Cream Version

While some people like ice cream with their shortcake others do not. You can still make this Dessert recipe by substituting either low fat vanilla or cheesecake pudding or low fat whipped topping for the ice cream. When substituting pudding or whipped topping make sure the strawberries are well chilled.

By replacing the actual shortcake with biscuits and using low fat creams or puddings you can enjoy this favorite summertime dessert without having to consume fats that your body doesn't need. This Dessert recipe is also good for those who are cutting calories as many of the ingredients have less calories than the standard ingredients normally used to make this dish.

To cut down on even more calories use a limited amount of sugar, only enough to help the berries juice well. You can also mix juiced berries with fresh whole berries to give you an extra helping of strawberries and allowing you cut down on the amount of yogurt, pudding, or whipped topping you use.

For those who want to add a new twist to their shortcake try combining pineapple or blueberries with your strawberries for a slightly different look and taste. Remember that with a little planning, imagination and a few simple recipes, desserts can easily be included in your low fat diet.


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