Strawberry Dessert Recipes

Strawberry Dessert Recipes

Healthy kid snacks delicious strawberry dessert recipes with low fat low sugar angel food cake.

Eating healthy means choosing foods that are good for the body.

While most fruits and vegetables offer some healthy benefits,

strawberries offer a lot in terms of healthy vitamins and

minerals. They are a good source of Vitamins C, K, B1 and B6.

Strawberries are high in fiber and contain iodine and manganese.

This red, juicy fruit is known to help fight inflammations,

heart disease, and even cancer. Strawberries are also an

extremely versatile fruit and can be used in salads, as snacks

and make great desserts. There are literally hundreds of recipes

available for low fat strawberry desserts and finding them can

be as simple as doing an Internet search or opening a cookbook.

If you are looking for a great strawberry dessert idea, try

making a strawberry sauce to be used on either pound or angel

food cake, atop yogurt or ice cream or even spread on pancakes.

Strawberry sauce is simply and easy to make and lends itself to

hundreds of desert ideas. Here is one simple desert idea to get

you started.

Angel Food Cake with Strawberry Sauce

If you are looking for a simple to make yet,low sugar low fat and

delicious strawberry dessert then try this angel food cake

topped with homemade strawberry sauce. It is rich yet a healthy

choice for those who are health conscious.

Low Fat Low Sugar Ingredients:

1 Box angel food cake mix or 1 store bought angel food cake

16 ounces unsweetened frozen strawberries

2 Tablespoons white sugar

2 Tablespoons Orange Juice

¼ cup water

Directions:Low Fat Low Sugar Ingredients:

If using an angel food cake mix, prepare cake according to

directions on package.

Put strawberries, orange juice and sugar in a saucepan on medium

high heat stirring continually until sugar is completely

dissolved. Add water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium

low and simmer stirring occasionally until the strawberries

become soft and the sauce thickens. Allow to cool slightly.

Cut cake into serving size pieces and then cover with strawberry


Makes 16 servings

If you are not cooking for 16 people you can store the remaining

sauce in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to a

week. You can then use it on pancakes, ice cream, yogurt or

French toast at a later date.

Strawberry Dessert Recipes:

The nice thing about this recipe is that this sauce can be used

in a variety of strawberry deserts and it contains absolutely no

fat whatsoever, making it incredibly healthy as well as

delicious. If you want a slightly different sauce try adding

raisins to the sauce for a yummy strawberry raisin sauce that

will impress your family and guests alike. One nice thing about

this sauce is that it makes serving elegant looking and tasty

desserts a snap. Try it and see if your family doesn't agree

that eating strawberries can taste good as well as being good

for you.

In addition to these strawberry dessert recipes search this site

for more delicious recipes.


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