Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science

Spiritual science and the connection to the law of attraction.

How to use for self improvement

The purpose for this content is to provide the reader with a

greater awareness and to stimulate an interest for more research

into this topic.

Recently a lot of interest and fanfare was initiated by the

wonderful book entitled "The Secret".

This compelling book revealed some fascinating issues with

respect to the law of attraction.

However, back in 1971, perhaps even a more fascinating book was

published entitled "Edgar Cayce's Story of the Origin and

Destiny of Man" authored by Lytle W. Robinson. This paragraph

from Edgar Cayce:

"All matter moved and changed, assuming it's design

according to it's own vibration and maintaining it's

activity by the law of attraction and repulsion, the

positive and the negative.

Every thing that came into being was an aspect of the mind - the

spirit of the Creator".

In The Secret there are many references to the "law of


but Cayce's explanation seems more complete

with the

addition of the references of "and repulsion" then followed by

"the positive and the negative".

Cayce also points to "the spirit of the Creator" making the

point clear that this entire revelation comes from what we also

call God.

This science is sometimes defined as a process of studying

in order to gain knowledge to self empower the soul and to

enlighten our perceptions with respect to our senses and our


These short tidbits are meant solely to whet the readers

appetite and to stimulate them to keep an open mind about the

future possibilities that are available from that infinite

cosmos that we call the mind.


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