Simple Dessert Recipes

Simple Dessert Recipes

Wonderful and simple dessert recipes with fruit salad and healthy low fat low sugar snack recipes for kids.

Fruit salad recipes are relatively easy to find and they are

certainly easy to make. Even that melon boat you find at

weddings and retirement dinners are technically fruit salad.

Many fruit salads contain other foods besides just fruit such as

Waldorf salad and that fruit and rice salad you see on many

salad bars in restaurants. The reason why so many fruit salads

are combined with other types of food is that fruit goes with

almost anything. In fact try adding grapes and apples to your

next tossed salad and you will be surprised at not only how good

it tastes but, how well the new textures please your palate. Of

course if you are at all artistic you can present a fruit salad

in the form of a garden. All you really need are cookie cutters

and skewers to use for stems and you can make a wonderful flower

salad by using star, scalloped, and round cookie cutters to cut

melons into shapes and mount them on a skewer. Then choose a

strawberry or cherry or even a green or purple grape to place

inside as the flowers center. You can even place small sections

of fruit like pineapple chunks, grapes and strawberries on long

frilly toothpicks and make your fruit salad into miniature fruit

kabobs. Whether you are having that summertime backyard cookout,

a holiday celebration, or attending a pot luck dinner you want

to have something on hand that tastes good, is healthy, and

offers an alternative to all those fattening and rich foods that

are always present for any occasion. One of the best tasting and

lowest calorie foods you can serve is fruit. However, as most

people know, simply sitting out a bowl of apples or even a fruit

basket won't be very appealing to many people. So why not

bringing a fruit salad instead.

Quick and Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

Low Fat Low Sugar:

A fruit salad recipe is included below for those of you and easy

fruit salad recipe that can be made up for tonight's dinner and

also used for any occasion whether formal or casual. This is a

simple dessert recipe that is sure to please. Only the

ingredients are listed here as the amount of each fruit will

vary depending on individual desires and the number of people

you serve the salad too.Due to their tendency to turn brown when

they come in contact with the air you might want to add the

bananas and apples after the rest of the salad is made. Once

these are in the juice dressing they will stay fresh and won't

turn brown for quite some time.

Simple dessert recipes

Low Fat Low Sugar:

Bananas peeled and sliced

apples cored and sliced (a selection of red, yellow and green

apples is perfect for this salad)

red and green grapes



fresh pineapple peeled and cut into small chunks

Mandarin Oranges

Blue berries

sweetened orange juice


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