Signs Of Stress

Signs Of Stress

How to recognize the signs of stress and new, effective stress

reduction techniques.

It is important to recognize that some levels of stress are a

normal and natural reaction to conflicting or worrisome events

in our lives.

However, too much stress over an extended period of time can

effect our health in compelling ways.

What is too much stress?

The answer to this question may vary because some people can

tolerate higher levels of stress and your mind will invariably

start to signal or alert you when you start to reach the level

of too much stress.

Here are some of the warning signs that will alert you:

Rapid heart beat

Profuse sweating for no apparent reason



Trouble sleeping

Thinking constantly about negative things

Feelings of dreadful thoughts

Feeling nervous, jumpy or jittery

Irritability or restless feelings

Generally these feelings are associated with a surge or rush of

negative emotional excitement or negative emotional drama.

Invariably too much stress is also too many negative thoughts

or thinking constantly about bad, sad, mad or worrisome

negative scenarios.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress Reduction Techniques

Healing your stressed out mental feelings starts by forcing your

mind to refocus on the good, positive things in your life.

Bad, stressful, conflicting relationships and/or very stressful

work issues are a common problem that often produce too much


Indeed in order to overcome your stressful feelings then you may

need to consider eliminating the source of what is causing you

these problems.

A terrible relationship or a job that is threatening your

health may need to be removed from your life.

Perhaps you need to take a break or take a vacation?

Get away from these stressful events and re-evaluate all of your

choices that can bring you inner peace and harmony


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