Signs Of High Blood Sugar Important Warning for your Health

by Terry

There are some Signs Of High Blood Sugar that can give people an immediate clue that there is a medical problem. However many times there are spikes in your blood glucose and you may not even be aware of what is taking place.

A few of the most common Signs Of High Blood Sugar include dizziness, vision changes and nausea. If these symptoms are not addressed promptly these erratically high sugar levels could eventually damage your kidneys, heart, eyes and nerve endings.

If you follow a low-fat diet and watch those carbohydrates it is usually possible to maintain a normal level of blood glucose in your system. Even many of those who are already diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 can control their blood sugar with a healthy diet.

There are diabetic diets that are available but you can usually substitute a healthy eating regimen and avoid the very restrictive conditions of the ADA diets. The emphasis is on a well-balanced, natural diet that includes whole grains, fresh veggies, lean meats and fresh fruits. Your doctor will agree that this style of eating makes sense for everyone. You can even omit the lean meats if you are a vegan or vegetarian and still practice these healthy eating habits.

Losing weight and becoming more active are fundamental steps that you need to take if you want to control your blood glucose levels. You should be walking or exercising for at least 45 minutes 3-5 times a week. It is a good idea to walk for 30-60 minutes each day even if you are not a particularly active individual. As you begin to get into better physical condition you can continue walking while you add other exercises to your weekly regimen.

In order to shed that excess weight you are going to have to avoid those high-fat, high-calorie snacks such as ice cream, sodas, cakes and cookies. Choose healthy carbohydrates and dairy products that are low in fat. Fresh fruits are a good choice, but do not forget to include whole grains such as wheat, bran and oats. Complex carbohydrates that are healthy for your body are also present in beans and nuts.

Substitute herring, salmon and tuna for the steak and beef that you normally consume. Fish is recommended for a diet that is designed to help you lose weight and maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Adding extra fiber to your meals will also help your system control those undesirable spikes and shifts in your glucose levels. When you increase dietary fiber you are also going to lose weight more quickly. The fiber in your meals can even help you lower cholesterol and reduce the chance of developing cardiac related problems.

Try to limit your daily intake of sodium, cholesterol, sugars and saturated fats. Foods that contain trans fats should be avoided altogether. You will find that a balanced diet is your best bet to keep that High Blood Sugar under control.

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