Self Improvement

Self Improvement

Life style, self improvement compelling new challenges for good


According to the American Heart Association your lifestyle is one

of the most important aspects in dealing with heart disease,

stroke and other serious illnesses. The choices that you make

about your diet, exercise and every thing in your life can have

compelling consequences for your health.

Stress, anxiety and depression are often associated with heart

disease, stroke and many other illnesses.

Life Style

Life Style

Negative situations with your relationships at home and at work

that cause you too much stress or depression will likely have

extremely serious effects for both your mental and physical


If you have suffered the effects of a serious illness then

likely you may have to consider making some changes that will

allow you to heal.

Changing your life so that you can feel good about yourself is a

compelling challenge.

Most of what we do is often a slowly developed series of mental

and physical patterns of behavior that become habit forming.

Bad mental and/or physical habits that contribute to stress or

cause bouts of depression can lead to serious illness and even


There may be nothing worse for your well being as pursuing an

extremely stressful job or a negative relationship.

If you have found yourself pursuing both a high stress job and a

bad relationship at the same time then your health or even your

life may be at risk.


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