Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

Delicious rotisserie chicken recipe for a fat free recipe and

low calorie diet.With fall upon us and winter right around the

corner people are more reluctant to eat those cold summer foods

and look for hot meals to enjoy during the cold weather. With

more and more people watching their health this means choosing

new fat free recipes that taste good and are satisfying.

Rotisserie chicken is an ideal meal for the colder fall weather.

You can use the rotisserie on your grill to cook an entire

chicken that is low in fat and will taste great to the entire

family. Here is a simple recipe you can try for making that

Rotisserie chicken.

Garlic And Lemon Chicken

Garlic and lemon chicken makes a great low fat dinner. This

slightly zesty chicken adds a new twist to an old favorite and

makes a beautiful dish to serve to guests as well as one that

your family will enjoy.


1- 4 pound chicken

1- tablespoon fresh ground or crushed garlic

1-lemon cut in half

1-tablespoon Olive Oil

For rub combine the following ingredients together

2 teaspoons sea salt

2 teaspoons Spanish paprika

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

Low Calorie Diet


Rotisserie Chicken Recipe:

Set up outside grill or kitchen rotisserie and preheat to high.

While rotisserie is preheating remove any fat lumps from inside

the chicken, clean, wash and dry.

Rub the chicken all over with half the lemon and half the ground

or crushed garlic. Make sure you rub the bottom as well as the

top and the sides so the chicken will be seasoned equally. Place

the rest of the garlic inside the chicken and using your hand

rub in around the cavity. Now sprinkle some of the rub inside

the chicken and place the other half of the lemon into the cavity

Truss the chicken and rub then rub the outside of the chicken

with the olive oil, followed by the rest of the rub. Again make

sure you rub the oil and spices over the entire chicken to

ensure that the flavor is equal.

Thread the chicken onto the spit and secure with prongs. Let

cook for 1 to 1 and half hours or until thigh temperature

reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove from spit,

set on small platter and allow to sit for 5 minutes. untruss

carve and serve.

While this lemon garlic chicken can be served with any type of

side dish that you prefer if you are looking for something that

will make an extremely appealing meal you can make a simple side

dish of chicken flavored rice with broccoli and carrots. All you

need to do is use chicken broth in place of the amount of water

given on the instant rice directions and then add a bag of

frozen broccoli and carrots mixed and then cook the rice as

directed and you will have a complete and simple low fat

rotisserie chicken meal your family or guests will eat with

gusto. In addition to our rotisserie chicken recipe search this

site for more low calorie diet plans and low fat recipes.


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