Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss diet for quick results should include the


Eat properly at least three times a day and four times is

actually better.

For most people several small meals a day with the proper diet

is far better than trying to starve yourself until you are


Your body can actually maintain itself better and you can lose

weight faster by not letting yourself become extremely hungry.

Avoiding hunger signals also helps you to avoid storing your

food as body fat.

With respect to a good diet we have already listed a large list

of tasty and healthy foods that will help you to lose weight


Rapid Weight Loss Diet

By following these suggestions not only can you eat three or

four times a day but you can also have delicious foods.

The trick is to keep your intake of saturated fats to a maximum

of one third of your total diet.

The following is a tasty, healthy weight losing diet of four

meals a day that you can use in any order of the day that you want.

Meal one-

Two eggs poached or boiled

Fresh juice

One slice of whole grain or multi grain bread - sugar free

4 ounces boiled or broiled meat or fish

Meal two-

4 ounces fish or chicken cooked with polyunsaturated oil

Fresh juice

One slice of sugar free whole grain bread

Fresh vegetables

Meal three-

4 ounces of chicken or fish cooked in polyunsaturated oil

Baked potato with small pat of butter or fat free sour cream

In between meal snacks and these are polyunsaturated:




Raw veggies such as carrots, broccoli or celery

An apple, banana or grapes

This diet is extremely effective with a regular exercise program.

Note: Check with your physician before starting any new diet.

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