Protein Rich Foods

 Protein Rich Foods

Delicious protein rich foods and a tasty high protein diet plan.

One of the most important observations about protein rich foods

is that vegetables contain effective and healthy proteins.

There is a common myth that either protein shakes or lean meats

are the only sources for obtaining enough proteins.

Another myth is that one should eliminate most if not all fat

from your diet.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The latest research and most of all the leading experts now

agree that the human body actually requires the proper amount of

fats in a daily diet in order to remain healthy.

The issue about fats is to eat unsaturated fats and in the

proper amounts for your body type and current state of health.

No one plan can possibly fit everyone.

People who weigh two or three hundred pounds must eat

differently than those who weigh much less.

Perhaps the most compelling issue is to observe a healthy diet

that gives you both good nutrition and keeps you healthy.

High Protein Diet Plan

High Protein Diet Plan

This diet is designed to give you plenty of protein and also the

needed fats that your body requires to stay healthy.


2 poached eggs

2 slices dry whole grain bread

8 ounces low fat or skim milk

1 Tblsp. sugar free Smuckers blueberry preserves

Optional: one 6 ounce serving low fat yogurt


A large salad

A hearty steamed vegetable plate, no butter but use Butter Bud

Sprinkles instead

2 Tblsp. low fat dressing

1 cup green tea with Splenda


6 ounces broiled or grilled filet mignon, chicken, turkey or


1 small baked potato adding nothing except a little salt and

Butter Bud Sprinkles

1 small salad or 1 cup steamed vegetable

Optional: one 8 ounce glass of wine or green tea with Splenda

Between meals:

Eat fruits, vegetables, a handful of nuts and drink lots of

water before, during and after meals

Read the labels on food containers and keep track of the fat,

calories and salt.

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