Picture Of Bed Bug

Picture Of Bed Bug

Picture of bed bug and the treatment for both the mattress and the bites.An infestation of Bed Bugs is no laughing matter. The bites can cause extreme itching and if scratched a secondary infection.

A home that is really infested can result in humans and pets in the home getting bitten up to 500 times in a single night. So getting Treatment both for the bites and your home is essential.

Treatment for bites caused by this blood sucking insect usually do not require a doctors care unless you have a severe allergic reaction or the bites become infected. Use an antiseptic based topical skin cream to prevent infection and itching until the bites go away.

If the bites do become infected then your doctor might recommend both an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic topical cream to fight the infection.

Picture Of Bed Bug:

Treating your house for Bed Bugs can be difficult depending on just how wide the infestation is. If your home is moderately to heavily infested then calling in an exterminator and a dog who is special trained to sniff out their hiding places may be costly but, the best choice.

For lighter infestations there are a number of options available to you. Since anything over 120 degrees Fahrenheit kills these blood sucking insects then you can try steam cleaning and washing everything down with hot water. Washing clothing and bedding and other cloth materials in hot water and drying them on high is a must.

Picture Of Bed Bug:

Placing insect interceptors beneath the legs of your bed and steam cleaning your bed and using a special protective mattress and box spring covers will kill the majority of the insects and isolate the rest. However, if your bed (or couch) is heavily infested you may have to simply throw them out or burn them.

In addition, there are a variety of sprays and dusts some of them environmentally safe that you can use along your baseboards and in cracks and crevices to kill these dreaded little monsters.

Some of these products are residual which means they will keep protecting for quite a long time so they will catch any baby bugs that hatch after your initial Treatment is done.

A somewhat new product on the market that can treat your whole house at once is called Terma pure Heat and this is a devise that heats your entire house up to 130 degrees to kill all those nasty little insects in one go.

However, if you are planning on using this device you will need somewhere where you and any pets can go for several hours to be out of the extreme heat and give the high temperature a chance to do it's job.

In most cases where infestation is not too severe using a combination of a couple of these methods should do the trick. Combining a through steam cleaning with sprays or powders for around baseboards after cleaning is finished, bug interceptors, and Bed Bug proof mattress and box spring covers should do the trick.

Keep in mind that an infestation of these little bugs is nothing to be embarrassed about. All it takes is two or three of these little monsters riding in on your clothing and they will quickly multiply before you even know they are there.


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