Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels

Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels

The normal range blood sugar levels can often be controlled by a healthy diet to monitor glucose levels.Most people don't give much thought to controlling their glucose levels until they have been diagnosed with diabetes or a pre-diabetic condition.

However, if you have a close relative who has diabetes, you are overweight, exercise infrequently or any of the other risk factors for diabetes then making an attempt to change your lifestyle and keep your blood sugar within normal limits now is a much better option than waiting until your blood glucose levels spiral out of control.

Start With A Healthy Diet

Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels:

The first step in keeping your blood sugar within Normal Range is to eat a healthy diet. This means cutting out that saturated fat, excess sodium, and as much sugar as possible.

Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and learn to cook heart smart and health conscious. Making healthier food choices and limiting your portion sizes will also help you to lose weight which is also a contributing factor in case of diabetes.

You may also want to consider eating 5 or 6 small meals a day rather than 2 or 3 larger ones as smaller meals help to keep your blood glucose levels stable and also help to prevent hunger pangs which can result in over eating and eating snacks that may be unhealthy.

Speak with your doctor to insure that he carefully monitors your blood glucose levels during your check up. He may also be able to advise you as to a healthy diet to help keep your blood glucose low and on an even keel.

Include Exercise

Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels:

Once you have a healthy diet in place then begin including some additional exercise in your daily routine. Exercise not only helps to keep your blood sugar within Normal Range it also will help you have more energy, lose weight, and sleep better at night.

If you haven't exercised often then start slow to build up your stamina. Try walking 10 minutes two or three times a day and then increase the amount you exercise as your stamina increases.

Control Stress

Try and avoid as much stress as possible and when you can't avoid it then learn how to control it. Sometimes stress can be avoided simply by getting up a few minutes earlier and avoiding the need to rush, changing routes to work to avoid heavy traffic, and changing your own attitude towards co-workers or life in general.

When you feel yourself starting to become stressed don't wait for the stress to overtake you. Try taking a few deep breaths or drinking a glass of water.

The best way to prevent becoming a diabetic is by being proactive when it comes to your own health. This means making lifestyle changes that will keep those blood glucose levels under control before a problem can arise.

By learning to eat a healthy diet and including exercise while limiting your stress levels you can increase your chances of living a healthy life with fewer health problems including diabetes and heart disease.


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