Need to lose some postpartum weight

by Anita Gold

After giving birth to my little daughter, I realized that I would need to lose some postpartum weight: about 30 pounds. Now, hoping that the weight would all melt off from nursing, I still felt pretty good about myself. Besides, my husband thought the extra weight looked good, so the stress to lose weight was non-existent. After a couple months, I still hardly lost more than a couple of pounds, so I decided to make a diet: a cheesecake diet. The first rule and only rule of the diet: I would only be able to treat myself to cheesecake if and only if I exercised first. In the freezer, a turtle chocolate cheesecake just waited for me to workout, so I did. For a couple of weeks, I worked out and then sat down and ate my well-deserved piece of cheesecake. The pounds melted off, and I never had so much fun. I am not sure that this diet would work for a non-lactating woman. However, finding some prize or motivation marker can make a world of difference as far as getting into shape. A visual reward for effort encourages even the most dis-hearten dieter. One could always try using coffee as a reward. Maybe a movie date with the hubby? The possibilities are endless.

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