Mind Illusions

Mind Illusions

Mind illusions or fantasies are sometimes associated with

depression and anxiety.

Almost everyone experiences fantasies as a common daily


Simply looking into a mirror helps to self create an illusion.

The reflection in our mirror is an illusion.

What we think we see is actually in reverse.

If we look into the mirror and touch our right hand to our right

ear, the reflection in the mirror shows that we are touching our

left hand to our left ear.

We may think that we are looking at ourselves but the reality is

that we are looking at cold, hard glass.

The reflection in the mirror is a mind illusion that we self

create almost effortlessly.

We often self create fantasies that play tricks with our minds

when we think about romantic experiences.

Thinking about taking an exotic vacation to a beautiful place

can also stimulate beautiful fantasies.

When we get hungry we may experience illusions about foods.

Depression Warning Signs

Depression Warning Signs

Depression warning signs are feelings of being down and/or

lonely, loss of motivation and wanting to be left alone.

Feelings of being extremely tired or lifeless and little or no

energy or desire to carry on with our daily lives.

Wanting to withdraw from others or feelings of sadness without

knowing exactly why these feelings seem so overwhelming.

Both anxiety and depression can be associated with irrational or

unrealistic thoughts.

We must be on guard not to believe every single negative thought

that comes into our minds.

Counseling and changing your lifestyle should be a serious


People, places and things may need to be changed in order to get

back on a healthy journey for your future.

What we think about and especially what we thing about

constantly soon becomes the essence of who, how and what we make

of our lives.

Focus your mind and even force yourself to think about good,

positive things that you care about.

Meditation and prayer should become part of your daily life.

A good exercise program combined with a healthy diet is a must

for having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Illegal drugs and alcohol are a negative way to self create mind

illusions as well as bad health.

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