Mental And Physical Fitness

Mental And Physical Fitness

Mental And Physical Fitness has never been more compelling as it

relates to heart disease,stroke,cancer and healthy diet.

The purpose of this site is to provide a forum for those experts

in their respective fields to air their views.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is

now the number one disease killer, cancer is second, and stroke

is number three.

At least two of these diseases are hugely effected by diet and


An alarming number of reports suggest that Americans are

becoming more over weight, more stressed and more dependent on

drugs than ever before.

Obesity seems to be striking at an earlier age, even in

elementary school children.

One recent report on CNN observed that the abuse of prescription

drugs in now four times greater than the abuse of all illegal

drugs combined!

That is terrifying!

The American Heart Association reported that females die from

heart disease at the rate of one per minute!

In that particular report there was no mention of the death rate

of males due to heart disease but it has been known for years

that more men than women suffered heart attacks.

Believe me, that is one issue that women who fought for equal

rights did not want but over the years the percentage of women

with heart related deaths have been increasing.

These are truly frightening numbers.

I have spent the last fifty years studying, teaching and writing

about mental and physical fitness.

With each passing day I become more alarmed about the physical

and mental condition of Americans.

Our young people eat unhealthy diets partially due to foods they

were served at home or allowed to eat in this fast paced society

we have created.

Over weight or obesity is a growing problem not only for adults

but also for increasingly younger children.

Children will learn to eat what is offered.

If they are continually fed unhealthy choices, that will be the

preference that follows them into adulthood.

Offering a healthy diet at a young age will groom their palates

to prefer those choices as they mature.

Therefore parents have a responsibility to start their children

off with a healthy diet so their hearts and bodies will produce

healthy organs.

If an unhealthy diet pattern has already been established, stop

it immediately.

Children may balk at the unfamiliar choices at first but if that

is their only option, believe me, they will not starve


When they become hungry enough they will eat the healthier diet

and will soon learn to enjoy it.

Plus children with healthier bodies are subject to less teasing

and ridicule in school so their self esteem will improve.

We welcome your observations.

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We regularly get thousands of visitors from over 58 counties

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may submit as many articles as you wish.

There is no cost and no spamming associated or tolerated with

this endeavor.

You may email me at

Please confine your writing to issues that relate to mental and

physical fitness.

Thank you and best wishes.

Popa Woolsey

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