Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs and herbs for depression and exciting new


Recent research shows that only St. John's Wort extracts

standardized to contain high concentrations of hyperforin

relieve depression and anxiety.

Milk thistle extract has been used to treat depression in

different countries by indigenous and native cultures over the


We are unaware of any negative reports on milk thistle when used

in connection with depression symptoms.

If you are taking prescribed medications or antidepressants be

very careful to do an in depth review with your doctor as well

as a thorough research into anything and everything you may

consider for relieving your disorders.

Kava Kava extract was once widely used as an antidepressant

however reports of liver toxicity has caused European countries

to restrict the sale of this drug.

Ephedra, know also as Mahuang is used for various treatments and

until recently was widely used in weight loss applications.

The FDA has prohibited the sale of this herb as a dietary


If you have been diagnosed with "chronic depression" disorder

you should immediately seek an in depth review with a

professional health care provider and thoroughly review

recommended prescriptions and/or herbs.

Have you taken the depression test?

See the home page and answer the questions as accurately and

precisely as you are able.

If you are not experiencing a chronic disorder then read through

our site for help, inspiration and wonderful techniques that are

designed to help you overcome both emotional and physical health


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