Mayan Government

Mayan Government

Latest controversy about the Mayan government and the doomsayers predictions for dec 2012.While scholars have been studying the ancient Mayan people for decades now and made a variety of interesting discoveries regarding this culture, their every day life, their artistry, and their religious beliefs little is actually known about their government and how it worked.

What little scholars do know have been gleaned from pictures, writings, and stories that these people recorded. Slowly they have been able to piece together bits and pieces that they believe forms a basic outline of Mayan Government.

It is believed that like the Greeks the Government of the Mayan people consisted of a group of city states that were both independent and interconnected to one another. At the head of the government sat the Heredity high priest. This priest served as the adviser to all city state leaders and all the people bowed to him in matters of religion.

Mayan Government:

The head of each city state was from a noble family believed to be a descendent from the gods. When he died his power and responsibilities were passed on to his oldest living son.

While it is believed that his decisions were final he did not rule alone. Under him was a counsel of elders and warriors that the head of each city state chose himself. There were also people chosen to act as police and as judges.

The Mayan culture was based on a class system with the high noble being the head of the city states followed by lesser nobles, artisans, teachers, then laborers and slaves.

Mayan Government:Doomsayers Predictions For Dec 21 2012

While little else is known about the Government, scholars do believe that it was a well functioning one based on the fact that the Mayan civilization was extremely advanced. Their pyramids, their roads, and the functioning of their day to day life all point to a consistent and well run government very much like the Greeks and Roman empires.

Unless and until there are more records found that depict these city state communities in greater depth and show how these separate entities combined to work as a whole then how exactly this civilization was ruled or run will remain at least a partial mystery. One that may or may not be solved.

For now it seems to be enough to know that this ancient civilization in many ways was well advanced and perhaps in many aspects ahead of it's time. And as each new facet of this civilization is discovered scholars find it more and more intriguing.

One thing that those doomsayers who are predicting the end of the world has done is increase interest and focus on this very unique and interesting civilization and now people who have previously had no interest in history are suddenly interested in finding out more about these people, their beliefs, and whether or not they actually made any predictions at all let alone predicted the end of the world.

And learning new things is never a bad idea and can actually help people to remain both physically and mentally healthier.


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