Lowering Calories In The Food You Eat

by Jessica

If you are looking for a way of lowering calories without going on a regimented diet there are plenty of ways you can accomplish your goals. Simply by lowering the sugar and saturated fat content of the food you eat can reduce your calorie intake more than you might think.

You can begin by cutting out those heavy sauces on foods that are loaded with butter and all kinds of other saturated fats and instead choose tasty herbs to put on those vegetables and pasta dishes. Heavy sauces and gravies add a lot of calories to food that you simply don't need and won't miss once you get used to not having them. Cutting down on those sugary soda pops and energy drinks and choosing to drink more water and vegetable juices will also help you cut extra calories from your diet.

Lowering calories doesn't have to mean starving yourself it is all about making healthier choices.

Low Calorie Recipes

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