Low Sugar Pudding For Physical Fitness

by Becky

Most parents know that too much sugar is not good for their children and strive to cut out excess sugar whenever possible. However, when it comes to most puddings you only seem to have a choice between puddings with a high sugar content or those with artificial sweeteners which are also not good for your child so what's a mother to do?

Actually, the answer is simpler than your might think. If you are willing to make homemade pudding for your children. The recipe does call for ½ cup of sugar, but, try lowering the sugar to half that amount and then blending fresh sweet strawberries, pears or other fruit with the milk (still only using 2 cups of the blended combination of milk and fruit) to make a sweet tasting flavored pudding the kids will love with only ½ the sugar of most puddings. It's delicious, nutritious, sweet and low in fats and also a low sugar pudding.

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