Low Sugar Peach Treat

by kodey

Peach Smoothie

Peach Smoothie

Everyone likes and deserves a sweet treat every now and then but there are people that because of their special dietary needs must watch their blood glucose levels and need to find treats that are low in sugar. Using peaches to create healthy and Low Sugar treats is a great way to satisfy that sweet cravings without jeopardizing your health. Here are a couple of easy peach treats that you and your whole family can enjoy

Peachy Pineapple Yogurt

A simple Low Sugar peach treat to make is peachy pineapple yogurt. It takes minutes to make, is healthy, and it takes great. All you need is a container of yogurt, a peeled and pitted peach that is diced into small chunks and a can of pineapple chunk. Take a tablespoon of the diced peaches and a tablespoon of pineapple chunks and mix them into the yogurt and enjoy.

The leftover fruit can be mixed together and made into a fruit salad for lunch or dinner giving you two healthy ways to enjoy those peaches.

Peach Smoothie

Just like the peachy pineapple yogurt making a peach smoothie requires no sugar and is a great summer beverage a well as a terrific peach treat. This smoothie is not only healthy but, satisfying as well.


2 fresh peaches peeled, pitted and cut into chunks

1 orange peeled and the seeds removed

½ cup low fat plain or vanilla flavored yogurt

½ cup low fat milk


Place all ingredients in blender and pulse until smooth and creamy. If smoothie is too thick add more milk.

Other Options:

You can exchange the orange in this smoothie for a quarter of cup of blueberries, raspberries or strawberries for various peach keen smoothies that you can enjoy.

Of course there is nothing wrong with enjoying a fresh peach all by itself as a treat as well. It is good, low in calories and provides you with several important vitamins and minerals as well as a good dose of fiber. The naturally sweet taste of peaches make them the ideal treat if you are craving something sweet and will help you to avoid those sweet sugary foods that are bad for your health.

Keep in mind that the treats described here are not only good for those watching their glucose but, are excellent choices for anyone who wants to eat more healthy.

Healthy eating is all about making the right choices and choosing those foods that taste good but, have a high nutritional balance. Choosing to eat foods that are low in saturated fats and Low Sugar can have health benefits for you and your mother both now and in the years to come.

Adding more fruit to your diet is one of the healthiest choices you can make. Peaches are a great fruit to include in a healthy diet and they are such a versatile fruit they can be used to make a variety of different dishes.

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