Low Sugar Party Food Appetizers

by Terry

For some reason most people who are planning a party fret and stew over what appetizers to serve that will seem more like party food. The truth is that in most cases these tasty treats you offer at parties are really no different than the ones you make for other occasions. They are simply presented in a more elegant and festive style. The real challenge in today's world is finding and serving party food that is both healthy and appetizing to your guests.

With so many people these days wanting to get and stay healthy, lose weight, and those with special dietary needs you want to keep your offerings as healthy and colorful as possible while making your guests feel as though they are not visiting a diet center or sacrificing taste. With a little thought and effort you can easily accomplish that goal while still serving elegant and colorful hors d'ourvres.

The key is in using as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible while presenting them in attractive and taste tempting ways.

Low Sugar Party Food Appetizers

Fruit Kabobs

Not only are fruit kabobs simple and easy to make they are incredibly healthy and make an attractive appetizer that most people find hard to resist. All you need are the long frilly sandwich tooth picks and some of the following fruit.

・ Small fresh strawberries

・ purple grapes seedless grapes

・ honeydew melon

・ cantaloupe

・ fresh pineapple or canned pineapple chunks, drained thoroughly

Cut the fresh pineapple, and both melons into small square pieces, then slide each piece of fruit onto the toothpick, varying fruits as you go. For example start with a piece of cantaloupe, then a piece of pineapple, a grape, a piece of honeydew melon and then a strawberry. Keep rotating until the tooth pick is filled to the tip and then begin with a new toothpick.

For a slight variation on these kabobs you can include either squares of low fat cheese, or even small squares of roasted cold chicken. If you plan to use chicken, buy fresh boneless chicken breast, cut them into squares while raw, season them and roast in a cake pan then allow to cool and then alternate with the fruit on the kabobs.

Low Fat Party Food Appetizers

Veggie Pizza Bites

By using low fat ingredients you make beautiful and elegant veggie pizza bites that taste as good as they look and are also quite healthy.


・ 2 packages of Pillsbury crescent rolls

・ 1 cup low fat mayo

・ 1 pkg dry ranch dressing mix

・ 2-8 ounce packages of low fat cream cheese, softened

・ Your choice of any of the following fresh raw vegetables: diced red, green, yellow or orange peppers. Green onion, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, shredded carrots, diced celery, water chestnuts and other veggies you enjoy eating raw.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Roll out packages of crescent roll dough onto a cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes then take out of oven and cool.

Mix together the cream cheese, ranch dressing mix and mayo making sure to blend well. Spread over the crust. Cut into squares (40 squares seems to make perfect bite size pieces)

Finely chop vegetables and put on top making sure each square gets a generous helping of veggies. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Making party food appetizers that are healthy and great tasting is not that difficult. These two recipes should get you started on your way to planning the perfect party treats.

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