Low Sugar Chocolate Treat Recipe

Low Sugar Chocolate Treat Recipe

Spectacular low sugar chocolate treat recipe triple layer parfait with chocolate, pineapple,and vanilla pudding.Parfaits are incredibly simple to make, they look elegant, and they taste wonderful.

Of course, for most chocolate lovers no treat is a good treat unless it is made from chocolate so this triple layer parfait contains chocolate, pineapple, and vanilla pudding all fat free and Low Sugar. But it has enough chocolate to be classified a real chocolate treat.

Low Sugar Chocolate Treat Recipe-Triple Layer Parfait


1 box of fat free sugar free chocolate pudding

1 box of fat free sugar free french vanilla pudding

4 cups cold low fat milk

1 can of crushed pineapple drained well

low fat sugar free whipped topping mix

sugar free chocolate syrup

Low Sugar Chocolate Treat Recipe:


In one mixing bowl combine chocolate pudding mix with 2 cups of cold fat free mix until thickened to pudding consistency. In another bowl mix the french vanilla pudding mix with 2 cups of cold milk until pudding consistency

In four parfait glasses (or wine glasses) spoon a base of crushed pineapple and top with a layer of chocolate pudding, more pineapple, french vanilla pudding. Save ¼ can of the pineapple to be used later and refrigerate your parfaits

Just before serving place a bit of whipped topping on top, a little chocolate syrup and then spoon on the rest of the pineapple and serve.

This makes an elegant looking chocolate treat that can be enjoyed by the family but is fancy enough to serve to guests as well. The pineapple adds a nice flavor to the combination of vanilla and chocolate pudding and adds a little more nutritional value to your treat.

For those who don't like pineapple you can take a box of butterscotch pudding and substitute it for the pineapple layer. The dessert still has an elegant look but, a totally different flavor.

For more creative parfaits surf the internet, or check in cooking magazines or your parents old cook books. Parfaits have been used for decades to create elegant quick desserts, treats, and snacks. They are simple to make and taste wonderful especially when chocolate is one of the main ingredients.

With so many people watching their sugar these days it nice to know that it is possible to create sweet and tasty desserts that the entire family can enjoy.

In today's world when so many people have dietary restrictions that they need to adhere to for their health, cooking can become quite challenging especially if you are trying to meet two or three different people's dietary needs.

This challenge is also what makes cooking fun and when you find or devise a recipe that meets everyone's dietary needs and still tastes great you feel like you have discovered some valuable treasure. These recipes are bound to become family favorites.

So don't get discouraged when finding just the right recipe seems impossible these gems are few and far between but, they are out there and discovering them is well worth the time and effort when you see the smiles of appreciation on your family's face.


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