Low Sugar Chocolate Pie

Low Sugar Chocolate Pie

Yummy low sugar chocolate pie with delicious sugar free pudding raspberry ingredients.There is nothing like making a dessert that takes only minutes, tastes great, has a real chocolatey taste, and best of all is low in sugar.

Such is the case with this delightful Low Sugar pudding pie with a creamy cheesy twist and a few raspberries thrown in for good measure.

Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake Pudding Pie

This is a two layer cream pie that looks elegant, tastes great and is low in sugar but high in flavor. It needs to be made in two stages to give it that elegant look but, can be made in a single stage if you are in a hurry.

Low Sugar Chocolate Pie:


1 piece crust either frozen or home made and baked

1 package of sugar free fat free chocolate pudding

1 package of sugar free fat free cheese cake pudding

4 cups of cold low fat milk

1/4 cup sugar free raspberry jello

½ cup frozen raspberries thawed and drained

Low Sugar Chocolate Pie:


Pour the package of chocolate pudding mix into a medium mixing bowl and add two cups milk and beat until thickened. Stir in the raspberry jello powder. Pour into pre-baked pie crust and cover. Refrigerate for 1 ½ hours.

After the chocolate pudding has had time to set mix the cheese cake pudding with the remaining two cups of milk and mix until thickened. Pour over chocolate pudding and smooth gently. Re cover and place back into the refrigerator until time to serve.

When ready to serve top with the thawed raspberries and serve.

This double layer pudding pie has the health benefits of both fruit and the chocolate along with the rich and creamy taste added by the cream cheese. It is a beautiful dessert to serve for that elegant dinner party as well as tasty dessert to serve to the family any time. Although it is a two step process prep time is minimal but the flavor is not.

You can also make a chocolate butterscotch pie by substituting the cheese cake pudding mix for a butterscotch and forgoing the raspberries completely.

There are so many different combinations of this pie you can make simply by changing the puddings you use. You might even want to try a triple layer pie for a real change of pace.

One of the great things about about sugar free chocolate pudding is that you can use it in a variety of ways to create all kinds of different pies, puddings, and parfaits. It is extremely versatile and a great way for those who are watching their sugar to still be able to enjoy the taste of chocolate.

For more ways to use chocolate pudding to create interesting desserts or to find other sugar free Chocolate Pie recipes explore online or visit your favorite book store.

There are tons of recipes out there just waiting to be discovered. So go ahead find a few and see how you can create wonderful chocolate desserts.


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