Low Sugar Banana Pie

 Low Sugar Banana Pie

Yummy low sugar banana pie recipe with delicious low fat ingredients.There is almost no one who doesn't love the sweet fruity goodness of a banana split. Unfortunately for those who are watching their weight, fats, and sugar this sweet dessert is a little over the top for most people who are trying to eat healthy.

However, you can still enjoy that banana spit goodness without over doing the fats and sugars by making a wonderfully tasting and naturally sweet banana split pie.

When most people think of banana Pie they think of the traditional banana cream pie their mothers and grandmother's made. This pie is a simple low fat, Low Sugar twist on that old time banana cream pie recipe that will have you family and guests alike singing your praises.

It is a great dessert for those summer time barbeques, as well as those church suppers and a terrific anytime dessert for you family.

Loaded with the goodness of strawberries and bananas as well pineapple this dessert is almost as good for you as it is good to eat.

Low Sugar Banana Pie:


8 graham crackers crushed

2 tablespoons low fat margarine

2 medium bananas (frozen and sliced)

1- 3/2 ounce package of sugar free jello pudding

2 cups low fat milk

2 cups fat free whipped topping

½ cup fresh strawberries

1 cup sugar free crushed pineapple

1 tablespoon of fat free chocolate syrup

Low Sugar Banana Pie:


In a food processor add graham crackers and low fat margarine and mix until until crumbly. Pack in the bottom of a pie pan. Place sliced frozen bananas over the crust evenly. Following the directions on the pudding mix make the vanilla pudding using the low fat milk and pour evenly over bananas. Spread crushed pineapple over the pudding and then top with fat free frozen topping.

Drizzle sugar free chocolate syrup over the whip cream then slice the strawberries and scatter them on top of the whipped cream. Chill for several hours before serving. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

This banana split pie is makes an absolutely beautiful dessert and because it contains less sugar than most pies it is healthier for you as well. The natural sweetness from the fruits in this pie helps to satisfy the urge for sweet treats without having to consume those sugary snacks. Best of all it is easy and simple to make and can be made at the last minute when you have unexpected guests for dinner.

The art of making beautiful desserts that contain less fat and sugar is simple to learn and can allow you family to enjoy dessert without feeling they are sacrificing to eat healthier. This means they will be more apt to enjoy healthy eating which can lead to them making better food choices throughout their lives.

There is really nothing difficult about healthy cooking it is simply a matter of finding the right recipes and doing a little experimenting. So what have you been waiting for? Give healthier cooking a try.


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