Low Sodium Meals

Low Sodium Meals

Delicious low sodium meals to lower blood pressure and lose

weight quickly.

The fastest most effective way to avoid too much sodium and salt

is to avoid processed foods and fried, greasy foods. Processed

foods, canned foods and fast foods that are fried are usually

loaded with sodium and salt as preservatives. Not only can you

eat lots of delicious foods that are low in salt and sodium you

can also lose weight quickly. Stay away from the salt shaker and

instead choose garlic powder, different peppers, parsley and

herbs for seasoning. Chose lean meats and skinless chicken and

turkey. Broiled, baked, grilled and smoked are healthy ways to

prepare foods. Keep your meat choices to no more than six

ounces per day and enjoy more fish dishes. Fish is high in

omega 3 and provides excellent nutrition for a healthy diet.

Poached or boiled eggs are low in fat and have zero carbs. Be

sure to include more fiber because this helps lower fat and bad

cholesterol in your diet.

Lower Blood Pressure

The American Heart Association recommends that a diet should

have no more than 300 mg daily of cholesterol. Start reading

the labels on all of the food containers and keep notes of the

levels of fat, salt/sodium, cholesterol that you consume every

day. Eat lots of green salads, fresh vegetables, and fresh

fruit. Avoid any salad dressing that is not low fat and never

more than two tablespoons per serving. Eat fruits, vegetables,

or green salads in between meals in order to avoid hunger

pangs. Hunger pangs signal the body to store fat. Eat a

handful of nuts daily. Particularly walnuts as they are

especially healthy. Replace sugary drinks with water or green

tea with Splenda. Drink water before, during and after eating

anything. A daily exercise plan is a must and not an option for

a healthy body. Changing your diet without a daily exercise

plan is not healthy. In order to maintain both a healthy body

as well as a healthy brain, daily exercise and a healthy diet

should become a habit. If you don't like to exercise then walk,

swim, or bike for an hour every day. Once you get used to this

you will be amazed at how wonderful and healthy you feel!

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