Low fat Stress Snacks

Low fat Stress Snacks

Latest in nutrition for low fat stress snacks diet control for low calories and weight loss desserts.If you are one of the thousands of people who have decided to take better care of your health and have decided to change your eating habits and begin a low stress and weight loss diet you are probably wondering what low stress snacks you can enjoy that are also low sugar, low fat, and low in calories.

When dieting to lose weight, snacks are actually good for you as they help to keep you from suffering those hunger pangs that are often the reason why diets fail. In addition enjoying snacks that help to lower those stress levels will also help to keep you from the over indulgence that often occurs from stress eating.

Weight loss stress snacks should be those snacks that are low in calories yet help you to ward off hunger. These snacks should be easy to grab or make and be filling enough to get you to the next meal without feeling like you are starving to death. Here are a few low calorie snacks that will also help to keep those stress levels within normal bounds.

Low fat Stress Snacks For Weight Loss Control:

・ Bananas- A medium size banana only has about 90 calories, contains potassium and vitamin B-6 both of which are great for helping to maintain normal stress levels. Best of all enjoying a sweet banana will keep those sugar cravings away and help you to feel fuller than most other foods. Try enjoying a banana for snack with a cup of hot black tea or a glass of water and you will definitely help to keep both that stress and those hunger pangs at bay.

・ Apple Slices With A Slice Of Low Fat Cheese- Apples are high in vitamins and minerals that will help keep your immune system healthy. They also contain a high level of pectin which studies show can aid in weight loss. The cheese is a milk by product and milk contains tryptophans, which help to maintain serotonin levels. Good serotonin levels helps to keep you feeling good and calm.

・ Mandarin Oranges and fat free/sugar free whipped topping. Mandarin oranges are high in vitamin C, which helps to keep your immune system healthy and keep stress levels normal. The whipped topping gives this fruit a dessert feel that can help those trying to lose weight feel as though they too can enjoy those special sweet treats that life has to offer. Being able to feel as though dieting is less of a sacrifice will help you stick to that healthy diet.

・ Graham Crackers And Reduced Fat Cream Cheese-Most stress diets call for a light bedtime snack using carbohydrates. Taking two graham cracker squares and spreading them with a thin layer of cream cheese is the perfect low stress bedtime snack.

Low fat Stress Snacks For Weight Loss Control:

Since both weight loss and low stress diets call for eating nutritional foods, it is easy to come up with snacks that will help both, your weight loss goal and your desire to lower stress levels. Using a little common sense and including those foods that help to reduce or maintain normal stress levels in your low calorie snack choices is the best way to go.


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