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by Jessica

Mouth watering, healthy food list and easy healthy recipes for lowering calories in food.
If you are trying to get healthier and/or wanting to lose weight then here are some wonderful, tasty tips. The first important tip is to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and green salads. Next lower your intake of saturated fats found in greasy, fatty foods and fried foods. Baking, broiling, smoking, grilling or poaching are all healthier methods of preparation. Animal fat and the skin of poultry should be avoided. All lean meats are okay if eaten in smaller portions limited to 3 ounces per meal and no more than 6 ounces per day. Keep in mind that your body needs some fat but they should be good, healthy, unsaturated fats found in fish, lean beef, skinless white chicken or turkey and nuts. Most nutritionists recommend that your daily intake of unsaturated fats be about one third of your daily diet. Avoid all fried foods.
Just as importantly, drink lots of water or green tea sweetened with a sugar substitute and severely reduce the amount of sugary liquids consumed.
Healthy recipes for lowering calories in food.
The following ingredients can be used for both salads or a complete meals.
3 oz grilled, baked, broiled or smoked white, skinless chicken or turkey cut in strips
1/2 cup cucumber sliced a quarter inch thick
1 medium fresh tomato quartered
1 cup torn lettuce
1/2 cup fresh mushrooms
1/4 cup diced green pepper
Calorie content is less than 250 calories
Mix the above ingredients together and finish off with 2 Tblsp. low fat dressing.

Complete meal for lower calories in food:
1 4 oz broiled or grilled filet mignon, 360 calories 27 grams of fat
1 cup green vegetable such as broccoli, asparagus or green beans steamed without butter added
Omit the meat from the ingredients listed above to make delicious salad, top with 2 Tblsp low fat dressing of your choice. For desert, choose your favorite fruit and a small slice of low fat cheese.
If you are tired of salads, substitute a small baked potato topped with Butter Bud Sprinkles (no fat, no cholesterol).
The total calories for these two meals will be around 800 which leaves room for a hearty, low fat breakfast consisting of 1 cup puffed rice (45 calories) sweetened with a medium size banana (90 calories) and 1 cup 2% milk (130 calories) and two poached eggs (140 calories) which totals a breakfast of approximately 400 calories with 16 grams fat. Obviously these are only approximates of total fat grams and calories. It should be close enough to keep you on a low fat, low calorie, healthy diet. Always check with your doctor before starting a new diet plan. Make a habit of reading the labels on foods before purchasing. You will soon begin to retain the knowledge of which foods are great and which foods should be avoided.
An important fact you need to know. One gram of fat equals 9 calories. Therefore if you are on a 1200 calorie diet then one third of those calories should come from unsaturated fat which would be 400 calories but because there are 9 calories in a gram of fat, you should not consume more than 44 grams of fat all day long.

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