Low Cholesterol Diet

Low Cholesterol Diet

Our low cholesterol diet lets you pick and choose a healthy diet

to lower cholesterol.

Before starting this diet check with your doctor and discuss

these observations.

Let's look at some common food choices that contain higher

amounts of cholesterol than other foods.

The objective, of course, is to lower the intake of too much


Remember that a small level of cholesterol is okay simply to

give you a tasty diet and to also give you a healthier diet.

Use these foods in modest amounts:

Diet To Lower Cholesterol

Diet To Lower  Cholesterol

Use the below foods in modest amounts



Egg yolks



Whole milk

Shell fish

Any combination of the above according to the American Heart

Association should be limited to six ounces or less each day.

Do eat lots of fruits and vegetables because these are high in

vitamins, minerals and fiber but also low in fat and calories.

Most importantly drink lots of water and in place of other

liquids that contain sugar.

Exercise routinely for at least twenty to thirty minutes at

least three times a week and more often if possible.

No diet will give you much benefit unless you exercise routinely.

Exercise helps to burn fat or calories and helps keep your body


Just as obvious an unhealthy body will cause you to feel bad and

can lead to anxiety or depression.

See.......Heart Attack


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