Low Calorie Low Fat Diet For Mental And Physical Fitness

by linda

Whether you're ready to start a healthy, low-fat diet or you just need to shed some excess pounds do not overlook the wonderful nutrition that fruits offer. Almost all varieties of fruit contain little to no fat and these food choices are certainly satisfying, filling and delicious.

You have a long list of fruits from which you can select your favorites. Fresh berries, sweet slices of melons, ripe bananas, tangy pineapple slices or crisp apples are some of the healthiest fruits that are low in calories and low in fat. Just remember that fresh fruits are much better for your health than the canned varieties. Whenever possible you should opt for organic, farm fresh fruits. If you must select frozen or canned fruit choose those that are packed in natural juice and do not contain extra sugar or heavy syrup.

Low Calorie Low Fat Diet For Mental And Physical

The calories in an apple are enough to keep your tummy from growling and the energy you get from eating this healthy fruit is an added bonus. You may not realize it but researchers have proven that eating 3 apples a day can even boost your metabolism. People who eat just one apple with each of their meals will lose weight compared to individuals who omit this item from their daily diets.

There are only 50-75 calories in an apple and these calories are in the form of simple carbohydrates that provide fuel for your body. You can eat 1-2 apples for some fast energy before you head to the gym or go out for a jog. While you will feel fit and fabulous during your workout routine, those calories will still be burned off very quickly.

Take a look at those foods that are considered as a fruit by some individuals and a vegetable by others. Yes, we are talking about the avocado and the tomato. Technically these should be considered fruits and they are good choices for anyone who wants to eat healthier foods. The avocado is higher in fat and calories than apples, peaches or bananas but the fat calories from this fruit prove to be very healthy for your heart. The average tomato may contain only 10-30 calories (depending on size and variety) but the tangy juice can reign in that ‘out of control' sweet tooth and this fruit is packed with powerful antioxidants.

In addition to antioxidants there are many other nutrients in fruit. These healthy compounds include vitamins, calcium, iron, fiber and essential minerals. There is a lot of wisdom in that old adage about ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay'. Dieticians, physicians and sports medicine experts all agree that a proper diet should contain at least 4-5 servings of fruits per day.

A trio of apricots contains approximately 50-60 calories and less than .5 grams of fat. A full cup of berries only adds 70-80 calories to your diet. Dates are one of the fruit choices that can tip your diet over the edge because these carb heavy products deliver almost 500 calories in just 1 cup. The good news is that most people can only eat 1-2 dates at a time due to the sweet, rich taste.

Live your life to its fullest potential and let fresh fruit help you stay on the 'health conscious' path.

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