Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility

Love compatibility starts by making yourself irresistible.

Here is how to do it

One of the best ways to start your irresistible campaign is to

do a lot of listening.

Ask them about their latest goals and the latest news about

favorite sports or hobbies.

Show them affection by never missing an opportunity to give them

a little hug.

Show respect for their opinions and complement them for their

great insights.

Ask constantly about their values with respect to their

attitudes about their work, family, religion and politics.

Find out if they have a good relationship with their mom or dad

and other family members.

Ask about their best friends and find out why they hold them in

high esteem.

Listen, listen and then do more listening

The more that you discover about them, the easier it will be for

you to understand their needs and to be able to satisfy their


The more that you can do for them and the better able you become

to understanding them then the more irresistible you become.

Becoming irresistible starts by asking a lot of questions about

their needs, hopes, dreams and secret desires.

Find out what turns them on in bed.

Ask them to tell you about their hottest sexual fantasy.

Tell them about yours.

Find out where they want to plan a trip and then make it happen.

Talk about caring and sharing and then do these things that you

both care about and wish to share.

Making yourself compatible with your mate and by caring and

sharing also fuels your ability to become irresistible.


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