Lifestyle is a rather broad subject that may include issues

associated with stress or depression and other serious issues.

The American Heart Association lists life style as one of the most

compelling issues with respect to stroke or heart attack victims.

The kind of choices that we make in order to pursue a certain

kind of style in our lives while also trying to be productive is


Many of our choices with respect to our food or liquid intake

are not always healthy.

Today it is estimated by some segments of the health care

community that up to fifty percent of the American public is

either over weight or becoming obese. The amounts of unhealthy

or fat producing foods are virtually limitless.



Too much alcohol consumption combined with smoking and lots of

stress and high blood pressure issues are often associated with

heart attack, stroke and many other serious health issues.

Coronary heart disease if the single most compelling, number one

cause of death in the U.S.A.

Stroke is the number three killer.

Stress, lack of proper exercise, poor diet and over weight

issues are often, in fact, deadly.

Failure to make good choices with respect to these serious

issues can be a form of slow suicide.

Or perhaps not too slowly?


Get on a healthy diet!

Stop smoking!

Start a proper exercise routine!


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