Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug Cupcakes

Tasty low fat ladybug cupcakes with a new cooking dessert recipe.With the high obesity rate among children these days it is never too late to begin teaching them to eat healthier.

You can easily do this by simply offering more choices of vegetables and fresh fruits, avoiding fast food places, and cooking foods that are low in fats and calories. However, this doesn't mean that you have to take away all those fun foods of childhood.

Finding ways of making those snacks, treats and desserts with less fat can help reduce calories and help protect your child's heart health. Here is a recipe for Ladybug Cupcakes that your children will love, is low in fat, and fun for everyone children and adults alike.

Ladybug Cupcakes:

For this recipe use a organic chocolate cake recipe. Replace the oil with the same amount of low fat plain or vanilla yogurt. In place of the whole eggs use one whole egg and the rest egg white (2 whites for every whole egg called for.) If the mix calls for 2 eggs then use 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites.

The yogurt not only has less saturated fat than the cooking oil but, it also contains vitamin D which is good for children. Replacing some of the whole egg with egg white will add protein to the dessert without adding so much fat and cholesterol.

Bake as directed on the package and allow to cool. If you use yellow muffin cups these can serve as the ladybug's belly.

Decorating The Cupcakes


8 ounces of fat free or low fat cream cheese softened

1 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

touch of red food coloring gel and yellow food coloring gel to make frosting a red/orange color.

You are also going to need:

1- black gum drop per cupcake

licorice whips

package of mini chocolate chips.

Decorating Your Lady Bug


Combine frosting ingredients together and frost cupcakes.


Next press gum drop into the frosting in the center of the top of each cupcake.


Separate individual strands of the licorice and use two thin strands to run down the center of the cupcake to form the shape of the wings. Make sure to separate the strands near the base. Cut off excess.


Using a tooth pick make holes in the top of each side of the gum drop. Then cut short strands of the licorice and work into holes to serve as antennas.


Use mini chocolate chips to create the ladybug's polka dots.

While decorating will take a little time and effort, your kids will absolutely love these cute mini desserts and won't even notice they are fat free. You'll be a big hit and feel good because you know that you are serving your children a far healthier dessert than anyone may realize.

Note: Serve these cupcakes for a spring or summer cook out and you will discover that adults love them as well.

Always remember that people eat first with their eyes. Serving attractive healthy meals that taste great will make everyone's dining experience regardless of age more enjoyable and fun.


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