Kids Snacks: Tips On Getting Them To Eating Healthier

by Jessica

Many parents have difficulty getting their children to eat healthy snacks if you have this problem here are some tips that could actually make you child beg for those healthier choices.

Make the snack fun. Allowing your child to occasionally dunk their banana in a bit of honey and then in chopped peanuts will seem like a real treat to your child, as will allowing them to help make snacks like ants on a log or cream cheese on crackers.

Kid Friendly Recipes:

Give your child some choices. Tell them they can choose between graham crackers and milk or celery sticks and juice. By giving them a choice they feel in control and are more apt to eat what they choose and be happy with it.

Choose attractive ways to present the snack. Sliced apples and pears in jello is more appealing than simply handing your child some sliced apples.

The key to getting you child to eat healthy snacks is all about presenting them in a manner that is child friendly.

Healthy Eating Tips

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